Black Lives Matter – Szabadon hozzáférhető, átfogó gyűjtemény a Springer Nature kiadótól!

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Bizonyára Önök is érzékelik, hogy a rasszizmus témája az utóbbi hetekben különösen erősen rezonál a társadalomban. A Black Lives Matter mozgalomra és a világszerte zajló tüntetésekre reagálva a Springer Nature kiadó létrehozott, és szabadon elérhetővé tett egy a témával foglalkozó, releváns kutatásokat és tudományos munkákat magába foglaló gyűjteményt. Reméljük, sok hasznos információt találnak majd benne.


A kiadó tájékoztatását lejjeb olvashatják.


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Dear Reader,


Scientific American is committed to advancing knowledge about structural racism, violence against Black lives, bias in science, and ways to make the world safer and more equitable for all.


In response to the Black Lives Matter movement and worldwide protests this month, our parent company, Springer Nature, has launched a hub with free access to a powerful collection of relevant research and journalism. The books, scholarly journal articles, analysis, and news stories come from Scientific American, Nature, and across the global publishing and education company’s imprints.


At Scientific American, we have recently covered the dangers of tear gas, how racism is responsible for disproportionate COVID-19 deaths, why silence can mean complicity, the challenges for Black birders and other field biologists, how autopsy results have been used to cover up police violence, lessons for police reform from an ER physician, and the #ShutDownSTEM movement, which calls on non-Black researchers to learn about and fight racism.


We plan to build on this coverage throughout the year with related features, news, and opinion pieces. We plan to publish more work from writers, photographers, artists and experts from underrepresented groups, and to amplify the voices and research of people of color. Thank you for your support and interest during this historic year.